The Basics of Trading Articles

Making sure your stop loss order isn’t triggered too soon depends on how you set it up. Find out how to best place your stop loss with Queensway.

To establish a retirement fund, investors need to create a retirement plan so they can meet the rate of return required to reach a target. Learn more!

Shorting a stock can be a great tool for stock traders. Learn how to short a stock properly with Queensway before using this strategy in your trading.

Read about how Forex traders use Meta Trader, Paragonex and other trading platforms to execute foreign exchange deals online.

Forex swaps enable people to trade currency pairs without going through an official exchange. Learn about these currency swaps here.

What are bilateral chart patterns? These types of triangle chart patterns include ascending, descending or symmetrical triangle. Learn more with Queensway.

Retirement is a relatively recent concept, quite simply because, before the 20th century, few people lived beyond retirement age. Now, with changes in the work environment, it's time to understand how they work.

The number of “how-to-retire” guides is staggering, yet strangely they all deal with how to employ spare time and not become moribund. None of them delves duly deeply into the economics of retirement.