About the Academy

The Queensway Trading Academy is dedicated to democratising the art of trading and bringing the knowledge of the 1% to the masses.


Throughout the western world, employment figures hide a harsh reality of short-term micro-jobs with no savings set aside for retirement. At the same time, anybody with money to save, faces a decline in readily available investment channels and a loss of trust in those venues that remain.*


On the other hand, professionals today have more free time to devote to their financials, a development that has coincided with the burgeoning of online investment channels.


At the Queensway Academy, we’ve aimed our entire curriculum towards the next generation of informed investors. We have packaged the knowledge and experience of master traders into easy-to-understand online courses and supplemented these with personal mentoring and ongoing support – even post-graduation.


The academy has been created by an experienced team of finance professionals aided by expert educators and technological advisors. The result – Queensway’s comprehensive guide into the world of financial markets.


Join the academy now – enter the exciting world of financial markets with a real guide.



*A 2016 report by Forbes estimates that a quarter of all U.S. adults with internet access are retail online traders, while Intuit reports that by 2020, 40% of the US workforce will be self-employed.

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