Learning Journey

All you need is a good internet connection and the desire to learn and become a Queensway Trading Academic. Complete the course with Honours and get recruited by the Academy. All aboard the train to trade.

Entry Central Station

Introduction to Financial Markets

Discover financial markets, how they developed, and how easy it is to trade them.

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All About Financial Assets

What’s the difference between a bond and a stock? An index and an ETF? And what on earth is a forex pair?

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Trainee Central Station

Terms of the Trade

To walk the streets safely, it pays to learn the lingo. Pips, ticks, asks and lots. How to trade on margin and make a leveraged investment.

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The Basics of Trading

It’s time to open an account and look at a platform. Are charts really as complicated as our 4th grade maths teacher tried to make them?

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Trader Central Station

Financial Analysis

The difference between investing and gambling is knowledge. Where do we find it? How can we understand it? And how do we create a trading strategy based upon it?

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Technical Analysis

The business of money is in the numbers. Learn about the trends and momentum that make up the technical analyst’s world.

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Technical Tools

Making sense of charts is as easy as pushing buttons. Discover the amazing world of technical indicators.

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Honors Graduate Central Station

Advanced Strategies

How do the experts research a company? What are vanilla options? And can I delve into autotrading? Questions to advance you to the next stage of trading – that of a true pro!

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Advanced Analysis

Advanced trading requires advanced tools. Discover wave theory, doji patterns and what more Fibonacci has to offer.

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