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Queensway looks at some of the offshoots of the Bitcoin revolution – other coins, the increasing rate of crowdfunding and ICOs as an investment tool.

Trading commodities is extremely popular. Queensway will introduce you to this lucrative market and guide you on getting started as a commodity trader.

When choosing a sector to invest in, it is important to spread your portfolio between defensive sectors and cyclical sectors.

Read up on the rise of third world countries emerging markets and how those countries have affected the price movement of various commodities.

To mitigate the potential risk volatility of the Bel20, index an investor can trade an exchange traded funds strategy which is called pair trading.

Ever since England issued the first government bonds in the 18th Century, these financial assets have become the instrument of choice for funds and investors wishing to maintain the value of their savings. Find out what bonds are and how to trade them.

Most online investors find themselves immersed in government bonds, simply because these are the ones usually offered by online brokers. However, corporate bonds are just as attractive.

From their humble beginnings in the coffee houses of London, stock exchanges have transitioned from physical centres where stock is exchanged, to the super computers and the electronic exchange of stocks and shares.