Technical Analysis Articles

Market sentiment can be assessed by understanding the impact of fundamental analysis as well as being able to identify tops and bottoms.

You must be able to make a distinction between price retracements and reversals to avoid risking missing profit opportunities and losing money.

What is a bearish market and a bullish market? Find out with Queensway how to identify these by monitoring and analysing charts and technical indicators.

Dow Theory is where technical analysis begins and ends. Whether it’s market trends or investor behaviour, Queensway sets it all out clearly.

What is ‘market sentiment’? We uncover the basics surrounding this intriguing term in the Forex market and why it’s important.

The key to successfully trading volatile currency pairs is to control your risk through a trading plan including sound money and risk management rules.

The engulfing bar is the easiest of all the forex chart patterns to identify; and, as such, if all engulfing bar characteristics are met, the trade will be successful, whether it is a reversal pattern or a continuation pattern.

Due to the increasing role of global central banks, the top market sentiment indicators are now emanating from the political class, not the financial community.