Glossary Of Trading

Wall Street

A street in Lower Manhattan that runs along the original route of the wall surrounding historical New Amsterdam, and around which traditionally the city's financial district stood. Today, a generic term for the financial (primarily securities) industry.

Wall Street

Rue du Lower Manhattan à New York qui suit le tracé original du mur entourant la Nouvelle-Amsterdam historique et autour duquel se trouvait traditionnellement le quartier financier de la ville. Aujourd'hui, un terme générique pour l'industrie financière (principalement les valeurs mobilières).

Weighted Average

An average achieved through adding relative values of components rather than their objective value, as in a regular average. The weighting of each component's contribution to the pre-divided total can be subject to different systems. Usually, the closer to the endpoint of the computation (the last value being computed), the higher its relative value. Thus, in a series: 4, 6, 3, 8, 4, instead of adding the numbers and then dividing by the number of components (5), we provide with each successive number a multiplier that increases the closer we are to the end of the series (1x4)+(2x6)+(3x3)+(4x8)+(5x4) and then divide by the total of multipliers (1+2+3+4+5=15).

White Knight

A potentially friendly buyer of a company, enlisted by the company in face of a potentially UNfriendly acquisition aimed at dismantling the company.