Glossary Of Trading

Lagging Indicator

A fundamental indicator that changes after the economic conditions it describes or a technical indicator that follows price movements. Moving averages and quarterly earnings are lagging indicators.

Leading Indicator

An indicator used to forecast an economic change. PMIs and bond yield curves are examples of leading indicators.


An investment provided by a broker or other provider alongside an investor’s investment, enabling the trader to place a position of a higher value than his/her principal would otherwise allow. Leverage is quoted as the ratio between the trader/investor's principal (margin) and the broker’s investment.

Limit Order

A pending order that enables an investor to buy or sell an asset once it reaches a pre-defined price.

Line Chart

In finance, a 2-dimensional plotting of value over time.


Disponibilité d'un actif. Un marché liquide implique un nombre élevé d'offres d'achat et de vente, une faible volatilité et (par conséquent) des spreads plus faibles.


The availability of an asset. A liquid market entails a high number of bids and offers, low volatility and (consequently) lower spreads.

Long Position

A position that is profitable (in the money) if an asset’s value rises.


An amount or measurement. In forex – a standard unit of 100,000 currency pair units.


Montant ou mesure. Sur le marché du Forex, il s'agit d'une unité standard de 100 000 unités d'une paire de devises.