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Stock Market Trading

How do Stocks Work?

Stocks have been around for quite some time. The Romans created them to finance public works through public funding, the Brits created the first joint stock company to finance trade, and the Dutch created the first publicly traded stock company so that anyone could get in on the action.

Time you got your share

For many years, the world of stocks and exchanges was off-limits to all but the rich and well connected. Rich because trading shares is expensive, and well connected, because without knowing all you can about a company, only a fool would invest. The online environment, however, has placed it all at our doorstep, and by leveraged trading of CFDs, one can trade share derivatives and index futures without breaking the house.


At the Queensway Academy, we’ve put together a list of courses aimed at democratizing the markets and affording entrance to anyone interested in finally taking responsibility for their own financial future. And stocks are the perfect vehicle.
Best suited for long-term investment rather than short-term speculation, stock markets outpace currency markets by about 10% year-on-year. With just a small effort, you will learn how to read through the text jumbles of financial reports and verify them with the charts.
  • What are stocks? How are they created, listed and traded
  • How to analyse a company. What’s the difference between balance, income and cashflow statements? And what is an EPS?
  • How to read stocks and why?

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The Queensway Academy offers traders the knowledge they require to trade on the world’s stock markets.

Financial Assets

Where do indices and shares reside amongst the forex, commodities and cryptos markets?

Financial Analysis

Which is better – fundamental or technical analysis where shares are concerned?

Advanced Strategies

What’s the difference between scalping and arbitrage? Hedging and diversifying?

Ebook Library

Learn about shares, forex, cryptos and bonds.

Sharing in the Wealth – Trading Stocks & Shares

Ascribing value to a piece of paper is almost as old as paper itself. The Ancient Hebrews did it with the Old testament, the Chinese did it with paper money. When did the first Roman shares appear, how do stocks work, and why did indices follow soon thereafter?
  • What are stocks, how are they created and listed?
  • How to best analyse a company’s viability?
  • Index futures, and how to invest in a weighted average.

This and more in this Sharing in the Wealth – Trading Stocks & Shares.