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How to Trade Forex and Make Sense of the Currency Market

It isn’t surprising that most retail traders take their first steps in financial markets through Forex – the trading of foreign currency pairs.
  1. It’s easily relatable – how many of us have stepped into a bureau de change abroad and wondered why there are three rates of exchange for every currency?
  2. It’s easily available – a market that’s open 24 hours a day, with a $6 trillion-a-day turnover that ensures immediate execution, and
  3. The information driving prices is easily available through newspapers and official public statements.
Before long, they’re hooked: immersing yourself into the world’s money markets means plunging directly into the source of all you see around you – the political intrigues, the everyday drama of news and events, and – yes – you’ll even gain an insight of how you too can invest in those exciting opportunities that were once only open to the world’s elites. But most important, in today’s swiftly changing economy, you need to understand what’s being done with your money. Like everything else, the markets are going online and people are being forced to do what they once left to the experts. By taking this forex trading course, you’ll be learning how to preserve the value of your own assets and maybe even help them grow. For at the end of the day – it’s you money, your responsibility to learn.


At the Queensway forex trading course, you will learn about financial markets in general and how to trade forex in particular. We even widen the scope to include cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that threatens to undermine the entire banking industry. Find out how you too can monetize the news and public announcements, and take part in this huge, 6.5 trillion dollar-a-day market.
  • Discover the assets and terminology
  • Learn why we have money and what it represents
  • Find out how the blockchain really works, and
  • Learn to trade forex – just like the pros.

Interested in our Forex Training Course?

Are you ready to learn why banks really want your money? It’s worth more to them than to you quite simply because they know what to do with it! Discover the impact the news you read has on the value of currencies and other assets. Learn the lingo of the trade. Discover how easy it is to put your money to work, and uncover the risks and rewards involved in forex trading. Take that first step and sign up for a forex trade training course now. Or – alternatively – download our eBook and get a bird’s eye view of the realm. If it whets your appetite, you can enroll in the Queensway Academy and enjoy a full curriculum of financial trading – prepared and presented by market experts, with easy to understand explanatory videos, a host of additional reading sources, and the personal support you need as you step into this fascinating world. Whichever route you decide to take, the courses are yours for life – learn from the pros at your own pace!

Sign up now and access these amazing video courses

The Queensway Academy offers traders the knowledge they require to trade on the world’s forex markets.

Introduction to Financial Markets

What are financial markets? How did they come about? And how can you trade on them in an educated and responsible manner.

All About Financial Assets

Learn to trade forex, shares, commodities and even cryptos. What’s the difference between a physical asset and its CFD?

Financial Analysis

What’s the difference between fundamental and technical analysis? What’s an economic calendar, and where does sentiment enter the formula?

eBook Library

Our comprehensive eBook library includes topics like how to trade oil & gold, how to trade shares, how to trade safely, and – of course – how to trade forex.  

Trading Forex

Trading Forex places you directly into the stream of currency trading. This superbly written ebook embarks with a short explanation of what money is, why it was invented and when people started trading it for its own sake. Quickly, we find ourselves in the midst of the forex terminology and practices, where we learn all we need to immediately take our first plunge.
  • Learn about bids, asks and spreads – the reason why money changers abroad take no commissions.
  • The difference between lots, pips and other forex units
  • How does leveraged trading work, and what is trading on margin
  • How to read charts, and
  • How to short an asset – invest in its losing value rather than gaining it.
This and more in this surprisingly concise introduction to Trading Forex.