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Government and Corporate Bonds

Learn how to Buy Corporate Bonds – What are Government Bonds?

It may seem ironic that one of the most insecure financial activities imaginable has engendered one of the most secure financial instruments available – bonds! Governments and corporations alike issue them to cover expenses, while fund managers flock to them for a steady income. They form the whale’s portion of our pension funds, and yet we know more about shares and forex – not because bonds are more complex, but because they seem less exciting. We know precisely what return we’ll be getting, for how long, and what lump principal sum we’ll get back upon maturity. And yet, as in all matters financial, ignorance is not bliss. It is, instead, the root of all losses.


Discover the different kinds of bonds available to traders and investors, how they work and which one to use when. How to buy corporate bonds? What are government bonds? And more.
  • Learn about US T-Bills, war bonds and convertibles.
  • What’s the difference between yields and returns, value and price?
  • How to investigate a bond issuance before lending them your money.
  • What’s a junk bond and what have ratings got to do with it?

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Trading Bonds

This concise study reveals the fascinating history behind bonds – from Ancient Babylon and how Bugs Bunny helped win the war. We will learn about the different kinds of bonds, their payment structure and how to investigate their issuers.
  • When is a bond above or below par? What’s a premium and what’s a discount?
  • The difference between yield and a coupon.
  • Maturity, puttability and callability – When should I buy?

This and more in Trading Bonds.