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Cryptocurrency Trading

Queensway’s Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading Course

It’s hard to believe that a mere decade had passed between one monetary upheaval and the next – the second a direct consequence of the first. And still, most of us have no idea what cryptocurrencies are. This, with a technology that is revolutionizing the world and may soon uphaul the way we do business on every scale – from the smallest purchase of chewing gum to the largest trade deal between superpowers. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto proposed an encrypted method to transfer value, to make and receive payments that would bypass banks, central banks, credit companies and other financial service entities. His system promised to create a trust in the system, sorely missing in a post financial-meltdown world. And, indeed, the blockchain technology he described has since found its way into nearly every kind of record-keeping activity imaginable, making cryptocurrency trading one of the most fascinating areas in financial speculation. In 2018, Facebook announced it would soon be supplying its 2.5 billion users with their own cryptocurrency – primarily for making payments within the system, but eventually providing banking services to the disenfranchised. The political and moneyed establishment was not amused!

Step into the world of tomorrow – capitalize on the lead.

Powerbrokers aside, cryptos are taking over. They have already conquered the realm of data storage and delivery; stock markets are wondering how to implement smart contracts and ICO practices into an industry that hasn’t fundamentally changed in 400 years. Understanding the technology, its financial ramifications and its trends of development is crucial to trading tomorrow’s markets. And the Queensway Cryptocurrency Trading course is where it all begins.


Find out once and for all how cryptocurrencies work and why. What’s behind the idea, and how does that shape the technology?
  • The history and behaviour of Bitcoin and other crypto-tokens.
  • How does the blockchain create trust that surpasses that of a central bank?
  • How is the fintech revolution affecting society, science and economics, and why does it threaten the current establishment?
  • How can you too join the Bitcoin Trading revolution?

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The Queensway Academy offers traders the knowledge they require to trade on the world’s crypto markets.

Financial Assets

What’s the difference between a crypto and a dollar? Gold and Palladium? Indexes and Indices?

Basics of Trading

How to read charts, open and close orders and analyse an asset in a very rudimentary manner.

Advanced Strategies

Learn about scalping and hedging, vanilla options and shares, and how to create your own personal robot.

Ebook Library

Our comprehensive ebook library includes titles written by industry experts. Take an additional look at the topics you’ve learned to get some extra insight.

Trading Cryptos

Trading Cryptos takes us from the first days of the Bitcoin craze up till the present, with its nihilistic questioning of all that’s been accepted as holy writ. What is money? Do we really need all those middlemen?
  • How are bitcoins created? By whom and why?
  • What and how is a blockchain??
  • Why is the fintech revolution one we can trust to steer us towards prosperity?
This and more when you download Trading Cryptos – a great introduction to trading Bitcoin.